Other electrical components

And if you take over the regulation as a customer on-site? 

CABERO also offers the tailor-made solution in the form of high-quality electrical components pre-assembled in a UV-resistant coated sheet metal housing. Qualitatively, this is much that is otherwise available in the market, clearly superior - compare them themselves. 

In this case, it is self-evident that with a current consumption of more than 14A per phase and system backups per fan unit or pair are provided. Likewise, the repair switch is mounted in the housing, operable from the front in working height. 

A single supply of the individual motor feeds can be realized. 

In conjunction with EC technology, a common terminal for controlling the motors is provided. This means that only the control signal on the customer side must be given to a terminal. 

The fault messages or thermal-contacts can be fed individually to terminals so that the faults can be evaluated individually or in combination on one terminal. 

Here too, the high-quality technology of the individual components is set by renowned manufacturers, including Siemens and Phoenix. 

We would be happy to advise you of all the advantages of these technical possibilities.