​Budapest, Hungary 2019!

, 08. May 2019


Dear customers and business partners,

the HVAC design team from a HOTEL in Budapest and our CABERO team in Hungary created the solution for 1.500kW cooling demand on the roof of the building.

The units provide cooling water for 3 pcs of water-cooled chillers at 40/35°C cooling water temperatures via a common main pipeline.

Because of the limited space and low temperature range, the only possible technical solution was the use of HPSS adiabatic dry coolers. The roof of the hotel is visible from surrounding higher buildings and from the Buda Castle Hill, so the aesthetic arrangement of the units was also very important. There was not enough space to place three identical units on the roof, so the unit capacities were defined to create an aesthetic layout.

Cabero’s GCHD series was selected in three different sizes and capacities (380 KW, 510 KW, 637 KW) and were placed in two rows.

Capacity control of the units is managed with 0-10V signal from the BMS and monitoring of the operation is done through MODBUS protocol. Cabero controllers are capable to provide these functions as standard, there was no need to install extra sensors, actuators.

Makeup softened water according to Cabero’s water quality requirements, was provided by the client.

Installation date: March 2019.

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