Product Launch ACW / GCW

Grafrath, 13. February 2019

Regarding the redesign of the new ACW / GCW series, the focus of our designer, Mario Richter, was, in addition to the economic and ergonomic aspects, particularly on diversity in the company. Here, the central topic was to meet the increasing demand of CO2 and propane usage and therefore a special heat exchange division (lower fill quantities goes along with high efficiency). Combined with the innovative and smart system accessories (several different adiabatic systems, folding pad system, filter and protection CFPF Cabero Fin Protection Filter, etc.), CABERO has a huge variety as active product portfolio.

In order to offer the plant engineering team and operator an advantage even at a later point in time and during operation, the accessories can be offered in an “installation-friendly manner” for the effective retrofitting of these unit series.

The smaller fan diameters were also designed to optimize cargo space utilization, in particular to significantly reduce freight costs and CO2 footprint within container transport.

The result is more than impressive - not only in terms of the successful execution of this task - but also in the specially created product video which explains all important unique selling points and specifications at a glance.


At the usage of adiabatic, PAD or hybrid systems, the Cabero Legio Protect System CLPS is the right choice for a smooth operation. The currently unique software supports the operator without manual work to monitor the biocide entries and if necessary to collect digital documents for official sites. The advantages are obvious, such as a digital diary for BimSchV documentation proof, documentation by “trend tracker” the triggered rinsing (diary), cleaning supervision via pressure sensor, and much more.

(see Cabero Legio Protect System - under Products at

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